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What kind of Lolita best fits you?

Hello all :)

I spent some time researching Lolita fashion today, and I made a quiz on Quizilla. It's only 5 questions long, so if you have time, please take my quiz and tell me what you think.

I hope you like it,


Shopping Indie (:

Hello all! :D Just a cutsy and fun entry for today.

I found this utterly adorable online Indie-styled shop called Shana Logic with cute Asian and Punk handmade products run by three women. I think some of you made find the products cute :D


I especially love the apple plushie: http://shanalogic.com/gallery.php?item_id=2838&n=0
Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen? :3

Do you know any cute websites like that?

- Tabata

Welcome (:

Hello one and all!

I would like to welcome you most regally to the Seafield Community. Please allow me to explain all about Seafield, LiveJournal is general, communities, entries and how to post them, and memberships. Although this may be a long an tedious entry, please take the time to read it when you can. If you are reading this entry now, then you most likely received an invitation from yours truly.

To check invitations, messages, and updates
, look at the very top of the screen under your username, where it reads 'Messages (--)'. Click on that and you'll find all of the above, similar to an email inbox.

You most likely stumbled upon this strange and wondrous land called 'LiveJournal' all do to that fact that your crazy friend Tabata practically forced you to make an account. In case you don't know what LiveJournal is:

What is LiveJournal?
It is a super cool and mostly free site where you can most 'entries' similar to a blog and comment on friend entries. Your LJ (LiveJournal) has several links (located in different areas depending on your background theme). Those links include: Recent Entries (self-explanatory), Archives (all of your previous entries), Friends (a page of your friends' most recent entries), User Info (your profile), and Memories (entries that you have marked as a 'Memory', or favored entry). You can post as many entries as you want per day, and the amount of text you write is not limited. You can also include images and videos. Your LJ's link is USERNAME.livejournal.com, so it is very easy to give to others, but is not your own domain. But remember, there is NO www~

What is a community?
A community is a special type of LJ where more than one person can post entries. All of the people who wish to post entries in this community must have their very own LJ. For example, My name is Bob and my LJ is cheese.livejournal.com. I want to post entries in the Pie Community. I simply ask to be invited into the Pie Community, and once I am accepted, I can click 'post new entry' and choose whether to post my entry on cheese.livejournal.com or the Pie Community. Simple, right? Another different between regular LJs and Communities is the link. A community link is like this: community.livejournal.com/NAME. There is NO www! Communities you are a part of are listed in your profile (whether you like it or not).

How do I post entries? Place your mouse cursor on 'Journal' at the top, and click on 'Post an Entry'.

Everything else I am sure you can figure out all by your lonely selves.

LiveJournal is very easy to use, and you can change your settings so that only your friends can see your entries if you want to keep them private.

Now before I end this entry, if you have any more questions feel free to email me (you all know my email).
My LJ is kirarinki.livejournal.com in case you forgot (:

Hope to be reading from you all very soon!

- Tabata


A Big Group of Friends


June 2010
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